About Us

 We have investigated many private residences,local businesses and historical locations over the years.
We are a team of experienced paranormal investigators from all over the state Kentucky.Though we may come from all walks of life and many different beliefs,we all have one common goal to help people and to find answers!!We are dedicated to what we do and to finding out the truth about the paranormal..We are here to help YOU!!
Places we've investigated over the years
Our Equipment:                            Video Evidence
2-22"HD Monitor
2-DVR system
4-VHS systems
9-DVR IR cameras
3-IR handheld cameras
4-Mini DV handhelds
1-IR headcam
11-Digital recorders
3-EMF meters
1-Wireless audio system
1-PX device
4-Laser grids
2-Motion detectors
2-Thermal scanner
1200ft A/V cable
1-IR Floodlight
1-Mobile Command Center​